Social Responsibility and Humanitarian Aid

GRUPO INTROSA is permanently committed to creating opportunities for their partners and families to contribute in the development of the surrounding villages, in order to improve their quality of life.

Support to Emergencies

We are conscious about the importance of having emergency tools, that’s why, we donate fuel for the local communities ambulances, located in Río Bravo, San Antonio and Chicacao, State of Suchitepéquez.


Support to Sports

In GRUPO INTROSA we know the importance of promoting Sport, so, we have provided trophies and soccer balls in benefit of the Peasant Association Pradera del Quetzal, for the Soccer Tournaments. 

Support to Children

We do CHILD support because we are aware of the importance of recreational activities for their development. We donate drinks and toys for different celebrations, such as the Children's Day at the Comunidad Ocho de Guatalón, Suchitepequez School.

Support to workers

In GRUPO INTROSA we support and recognize the effort of working people, in order of that, we make donations of t-shirts and caps for the Integral Agricultural Cooperative, La Unión Maya, R.L.