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INTROSA produces granulated rubber or solid rubber composed of 100% natural rubber latex from strictly controlled coagula.

Our product is dispatched in bales of 33.33 kg or 35 kg each.

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Left: Bulk Natural Rubber Bales.
Right: Palletized in Export Wooden Pallets, Crates, Slip Trays, and Bulk Natural Rubber Bales.


INTROSA produces and exports for Granulated Rubber or Solid Rubber international contracts the following products with their features:

- SGR-10
- SGR-20
- SGR-10CV60



In GRUPO INTROSA, we serve and satisfy the needs and requirements of our customers with premium products processed to suit each of our clients, prompt delivery, and professional and personal attention. Our production is shipped to different countries in America, Europe and Asia, including Mexico, United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile.

We are proud to have the confidence of corporations over a century of global prestige such as RCMA Americas, the largest natural rubber trader in the world, which uses our products as part of its operations in the United States and Europe.

Internationally renowned industries employ our rubber and natural latex as raw material for a range of products like balloons, household and industrial gloves, exploration and surgical gloves, adhesives, prophylactics, suckers or baby nipples, tires, etc.