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INTROSA´S solid raw material comes from the rubber plantations of our suppliers, associates, non associates, big and small producers. When the raw material, in the form of natural rubber, is received in our plant, is weighed, sampled and inspected. Afterwards, it goes through a homogenization process to ensure quality and uniformity in the finished product.

The job of reducing the coagulated latex into crumbs in order to optimize product drying and to free it from foreign material is done by the Slabcutter PreBreaker and the Extruders or Pelletisers machines. Final homogenization and washing is done simultaneously on water transport troughs. Foreign material is trapped by traps during this process.

Before entering the next phase (the drying process), Mooney Controlled viscosity natural rubbers receive a stabilizer application. During the sub-processes, our production staff physically evaluates the conditions and characteristics of the raw material.

According to the quality standards, characteristics, such as initial Wallace plasticity, the plasticity retention index, Mooney viscosity, dirt content, ashes percentage, nitrogen content, volatile material percentage and the Lovibond color index are analyzed in our laboratory.


 materia prima introsa


materia prima introsa


With a 40,000 m² area, GRUPO INTROSA´s facilities for natural rubber processing have a high level of industrial automation and a practical and functional organization, which optimizes the production flow and processes’ control, always ensuring consistent and high quality products.



All of GRUPO INTROSA’s raw materials and finished product lots go through rigorous quality checkings and laboratory tests.
With a modern laboratory and highly qualified professionals, we perform with speed, confidence and efficiency all physical and chemical tests required by the ISO 2000:2003 International Standard, for the Technically Specified Natural Rubber.

All of our laboratory methodologies for sampling, control and release of raw materials, product in process, and finished goods are based on the ISO International Standards, as shown in the following table:



In GROUPO INTROSA, our staff is trained and evaluated in each one of the testing methodologies, as well as periodically reevaluated.

Our laboratory equipments are controlled by a metrological control system, in order to ensure proper functioning and accuracy on the reported results. We have recognized standards and internal staff trained to carry out checks and internal calibrations of our equipment.

We have behavior statistics of all physical and chemical characteristics of our products, available for the inquiry of our customers.
Our Laboratories issue Analysis Certificates of the product delivered to our customers.