INLATSA (latex)

Founded in 1977 as a natural consequence of INTROSA’s growth in order to diversify our production and offer natural rubber as both centrifuged and concentrated latex.

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INLATSA’s industrial plant has highly qualified workers and is located in the same place as INTROSA. It has 22 natural latex centrifuge machines and an annual storage capacity of 36,000 metric tons. The raw material in the form of field latex received in INLATSA is weighed, sampled, and analyzed to verify compliance with the preset reception specifications.

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The quality management system of INTROSA is also certified and registered under ISO 9001:2008 Standard, has complete laboratories for quality control of raw materials, finished product and quality plans to run from receipt of raw material to finished product delivery at the point agreed with the client.




INLATSA’S raw material comes from the rubber plantations of our suppliers, associates, non associates, big and small producers.

A bactericidal mixture, D.A.P., and ammonium laureth is added in specified percentages into reception tanks. After a certain period of rest, the field latex is centrifuged and concentrated by machines that rotate at seven thousand revolutions per minute, separating the mixture with the most rubber molecules content from the other mixture having the most water or skim content.

The centrifuged and concentrated rubber latex is stored in horizontal tanks where anhydrous ammonia and stabilizers adjustments are checked. Simultaneously, its natural maturation process is developed.

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INLATSA produces centrifuged and concentrated natural latex, which is packed and shipped in pipe tanks or cistern tanks of 30 to 42 metric tons, in 21.50 metric tons FlexiBags and in 210 wet/ kg. plastic drums. The serum or skim obtained from the centrifuging and concentrating process of concentrated rubber latex or natural rubber, is coagulated in special troughs.
INLATSA produces and exports for Natural Rubber Latex international contracts, the following products with their features: Full Ammonia, Low Ammonia, TMTD Free Latex.

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Left: Flexibag.
Right: Pipe Tanks and Plastic Drums.